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Alexis Russell – The Bridal Session

As a photographer, creativity requires inspiration from somewhere – from within, from your heart, from a magazine, from the people around you, – whatever.

But, by far, the best place to find inspiration is from the client.

  • mark eric - Stunning! Beautiful! Amazing!

  • Kady - Wow these are stunning. She is stunning. And the photos are amazing.

  • Gina - Brandon – as usual amazing job! However, I must say this bride is absolutely gorgous – the dress was made for her. There are several that look as if they were taken from the pages of a bridal magazine. Absolutely lovely photos and bride!

  • Allison - OMG Alexis looks STUNNING in these pics! I was so happy to be in the wedding. Brandon you did an excellent job! You were a joy to be around. I agree that her pics should be in a magazine!! Seeing her in person was even better!!!

  • Christina - These pictures are amazing! Thanks, Brandon for capturing her beauty. You were surely a pleasure and have a keen eye for great shots and perfection! :)

  • Jyoti - She’s FLAWLESS!!! These photos are AMAZING! Thank you Brandon for your time, effort, and persistence in capturing God’s grace in Miss Lovely Lex!

  • Eddie - gorgeous bride!!! excellent work, brandon!!!

  • Roslyn Council - Alexis ….what a beauty of a bride…Truly breath taking…fabulous…. excellent photography…One of the best that I have seen in a while…and I have been around a long time… Yes, I am Christina’s Mother..
    Many blessings to the bride & groom!!

  • Jennifer Council - I do not have the words to say how beautiful and fabulous Alexis looks in these pics!!! They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Brandon your professionalism and talent are remarkable. Alexis is the most beautiful bride ever. I am absolutely speechless.

  • Lindsey - I am in LOVE with these pictures! You captured the true, natural beauty of Alexis! She looks so
    beautiful! Brandon thank you so much for using your amazing talent to capture the true essence of such a special day. You definitely know what you are doing : )
    Wishing you nothing but success!

  • Dr. Jacinta D. Watkins - Alexis, you look absolutely amazing in those pictures! Simply beautiful! You should be in bridal magazine : )Brandon, it was pleasure meeting you. You truly have a talent for photography and a great sense of humor!

  • Brandon - Thanks guys, Alexis really did rock this session. Thanks to her sweet grandmother for letting us shoot at her house in New Orleans. I had so much fun with everyone at the wedding, I felt right at home :)

    Thanks everyone for having me!

  • annette green - Wonderful pictures!