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Shauna + Ryan (Part Two)


  1. T.J. says:

    Tremendous! What an awesome day this must have been, and I think that you surely captured it well. I know Shauna and Ryan must be very pleased!

  2. penni guidry says:

    brandon brandon doth your eye see this and capture it. my yard and stuff has never looked so good. this is amazing. what great fun was had by all and you did your magic! shauna and ryan are going to be so pleased. cant wait to see the entire collection. you are invited to come back anytime and take pictures. no appointment needed :0)

  3. Eddie says:

    one word: E P I C

  4. Jacque Murphy says:

    This looks like a wedding from a movie set in California. PERFECT.

  5. josh says:


  6. Mandi Nikole says:

    Great images. Must have been a wonderful day! I agree with Jacque it looks like a movie set in California and you were able to capture all of it.

  7. Abby says:

    Favorite wedding of yours by far. :) Loved it at first sight then… love it even more now :D

  8. Night shots. Sickly amazing.

  9. Danika Adamthwaite says:

    These are the most fun and stunning photos of a wedding i’ve ever seen! The whole thing looks like a wedding in a movie every detail is absolutely perfect and was captured beautifully! Such a pleasure to look at!

  10. Seriously dude…im scrolling down the page and my heart is racing faster and faster with each photo! The one where is smokin a cigar FANTABULOUS! And the one of her looking at you uplclose B/W is jus dang SEXY!!! I wanna be you when i grow up!