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Josh + Anna : A Northshore Engagement Session


  1. Jamie says:

    Love that park. These pictures rock!

  2. Daniel Jones says:

    Amazing as always. Where was this shot, and how did you/they choose the location?

  3. Anna Hudson says:

    I am so in love. Never did I think that I could be so happy with photos and a photographer. Thank you!

  4. Brandon says:

    Thank guys! Daniel – it was shot at Fontainebleau State Park around Mandeville. I really wanted to shoot a session on the lake, but Anna and Josh came up with this spot – and boy do they have a good eye :)

  5. Mark Eric says:

    Gorgeous. I didn’t know you could fly (the birdseye boat pic)- awesomeness!

  6. Abby Todd says:

    LOL @ Mark! Love these. I knew looking at that picture on FB yesterday that it was going to swoon me. :)