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Jordan and Jake – Wedding Day Butterflies

Jordan and Jake were married in Alexandria several months ago – this the the first of many “catch-up” blog posts you’ll be seeing in the next few weeks :)

We first met Jordan a while back at her friends wedding, and again at another friends wedding, and I think again… ha! Needless to say, we were were acquainted on wedding day, which is always my goal. The ceremony was a St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral downtown Alexandria, followed by a reception at the Alexandria River Oaks Art Center.

Jordan told me that they would be releasing butterflies after the ceremony, as they leave the church. I have to admit, I was a bit excited – this would be my first butterfly release.

On wedding day, as I became more aware of the butterfly shipping process, I started getting nervous. Something about the thought of putting butterflies in a little envelope and chilling them to ship them, then thawing them out and having them come back to life was just a little strange to me.

When Jake and Jordan walked out the back of the church, the butterflies were released – kind of. Three flew away, a larger portion decided to remain sheltered in their little make-shift envelope house they had undoubtedly gotten used to since they were packaged up. The rest just fell to the ground. They were fine, of course, just a little stiff after a long trip. The images were priceless – look below :)